Most organisations find Team Building to be a very time consuming and frustrating activity.  Additionally, recruiting the wrong person can have major adverse impact.  KCL can help.  We can manage the recruitment process for all types of roles for technology teams, at all levels: from developers and testers to project managers and software development managers.

Ron Kalian has been a recruiting manager for over 15 years, finding himself having to create and grow teams time after time … and sometimes also doing other managers’ recruitment for them.  Ron also noticed the general frustration among hiring managers with recruitment agencies, with the time consuming aspect of the process and the high rate of getting it wrong.  Of course, there are some great recruitment agents out there (and we work with them occasionally) but unfortunately the sector is bedeviled by a high prevalence of ‘cowboys’ that give everyone else a bad name.

Following a successful recruitment round undertaken for a client, Team Building service was added to KCL’s portfolio of hands-on technology management services.  We believe clients would rather work with an experienced software development manager who hired many times in the past.  This service utilises a ‘mixed approach’ combining direct approaches and using agencies (as required).  It aims to save money and time and will save clients money and time when compared to working directly with recruitment agents.

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