The KCL Technology Stack

The collective experience of KCL projects over the years has been distilled into the KCL Technology Stack. The KCL Technology Stack enables rapid development and deployment of complete systems (back and front end). The front end is a responsive web client, communicating with the server through web services implemented on LAPP/LAMP stack, Django/Flask, Python and optionally also C++.

New projects can get rapidly up to speed using this ready-to-use battle-hardened stack which dramatically reduces development time and increases probability of successful delivery of projects. The stack costs nothing to the client, as it is entirely made of open source components. The server runs on Industry standard RedHat 7 (or CentOS 7 for those who do not wish to purchase a RedHat license). The front end utilises AngularJS or Ionic for compelling professional looking UI that looks great on desktops, laptops and mobiles.

With technology taken care of, KCL is able to focus on client requirements.  Kalian Consulting Ltd specialises in developing new projects in ‘start-up mode’: from scratch, using an iterative demo-driven approach (effectively SCRUM), to MVP, in weeks/months rather than years and more cost effectively than it would cost using internal resource.  Once MVP has been achieved it is possible to continue utilising iterative development to produce enhanced versions of the product.  In commissioning KCL to deliver a new system, large clients are able to tap into the advantages of ‘working like a startup’ without having to change their internal working practices.  Startups, on the other hand, benefit by working with a like-minded startup-friendly consultancy.