Startup Collaboration

KCL has the capability to rapidly develop new systems from concept to MVP (and beyond) using its own proven KCL Technology Stack and other technologies as required. KCL is offering startup founders the opportunity to collaborate in return for equity. We are interested to hear from founders who have a solid idea, credible business plan and proven marketing ability. Our part of the bargain will be to help with technology as much or as little as required: from managed server hosting to completely taking care of technology. We can develop and deploy MVPs rapidly such that the startup will be in the position to start monetizing (if in bootstrap mode) or go for funding (crowdfunding or investors). With technology taken care of, we expect the original founder to completely focus on sales and marketing and make it stratosphericly successful!

KCL is already collaborating with and supporting startups:

Startup Collaboration is not only for startups.  It is also fully transferable to the corporate environment, where a new project needs to be started in ‘startup mode’ in order to develop it to MVP rapidly and cost effectively.