We specialise in the following:

  • Excel-to-Python projects.  The financial sector uses Excel extensively.  Excel is useful for rapid development of financial functionality but when successful, it grows, and when it grows clients quickly find that it is not scalable.  At this point, the only option is to port Excel to a scalable architecture.  Python is highly suitable for this purpose.  KCL is experienced in Excel-to-Python projects and can work with clients to produce systems that will consume and produce exactly the same numbers as the Excel system being replaced, integrating seamlessly with up/down stream Excel and other systems.
  • Insurance, financial (City and FinTech), numerical projects.
  • Back end development, and complete systems (front and back end) development.  Front end may be web, mobile app, or both!  KCL can develop front ends once for deployment across multiple targets (Android, iPhone, web browsers).

For all of the above, we will utilise the KCL Technology Stack where it can add value:  reduce costs, bring in project timelines and increase reliability, security and maintainability.