Kalian Consultancy Ltd has been specialising in Oasis LMF and Django based servers since 2013. Initially Ron joined as a member of the Oasis LMF original development team. Over time KCL has taken on related assignments with other companies in the Oasis community, helping them to adopt Oasis, use their own models and exposures on it, and generally ‘push the boundaries’ of what can be done with Oasis. It turns out that this combination is useful for all – the lessons learnt by working with the community helped, over time, make Oasis a better framework.

But Kalian Consulting Ltd is not only about Oasis. The service, overall, is described as ‘Hands-on Technology Management’.

What does it mean?

Companies are increasingly looking for people with strengths in both hands-on technology skills and management.  On the one hand, software developers are very good at understanding low level technology detail, but not so good at seeing how their work delivers tangible business benefits.  On the other hand, IT management detach themselves from technology and over time lose the ability to manage technology effectively.  Companies increasingly find that they can’t live without people who can do both: Technologists who can ‘connect’ their hands-on work to the real world AND managers who understand what the technologists do and, for both, the ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders at all levels.

This is where Kalian Consulting Ltd (KCL) comes in.

Ron Kalian founded KCL in 2012 having followed a mixed technology/management path for most of his career.  This variety allows Ron to walk into an assignment and deliver whatever skills are necessary to ensure successful outcome.  Where skills are missing, Ron can help with client recruitment or supply KCL resource.

Since 2012, KCL has grown and now has 4 employees, offering a variety of new capabilities including penetration testing, UI design and marketing. More recently, KCL has increased its focus on collaboration with startups and has announced the KCL technology stack (for more info please see here).

Kalian Consulting Ltd – Registered in England and Wales – Company Number 8117907